Development e-commerce mobile apps like flipkart

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Development e-commerce mobile apps like flipkart

As per the survey done recently, over 90% of the people around are globe are using mobile phones and this has taken us to the golden age of mobile phones. This increased usage of mobile phone has changed the way of marketing previous was done. The mobile app development company India has changed the view to business and has helped in increasing number of clients as well as adding value to the services provided to the customers ultimately making customers satisfied and happy. Commerce apps has changed the profit system of small scale, mid scale business persons who were limited to small crowd and customers. This has boosted the revenue system as they provided the small and mid scale businesses a platform to reach out large crowd easily. The E commerce apps are so demanding as it has given the customers a totally new experience of shopping. The apps like Flip kart, Myntra, etc uses the most advanced technologies for their development as they are providing their user with user friendly experience and easy access to all the information required to their customers.

The things that govern the development of a successful E commerce app are as follows:-

App Campaigning:-

  • The campaigns should be done on a large scale and need to cover all the social media platforms which can help in reaching the masses in the easiest way. The more and more campaign will be done before the app goes live it will attract many users even before the app has gone live.

App Design:-

  • The design of the app should be user friendly as well as smooth. When a user is usinig the app they should get the easy access to everything sort of information that they wish for.
    APP SPEED:- If the app is working slowly or often stops or crashes in between the user is under some process or shopping this could may lead for the loss of customers as the users lose their interest because of slow app speed and sudden errors.

App Categorization:-

  • The app should have very clear categorization of every section of products they are holding onto their app so that the user can easily navigate to the product they are searching for without spending their hours and hours for it.

Order Detailings and Tracking:-

  • The app should give the user very clear and easy acces to their order placing process as well the order tracking process. The user should have the access to each and every step of there is shipped or being delivered on which day like the Flipkart app has.

Different Payment Modes:-

  • The app should have the access to multiple modes of payment so that there should not be any convenience to the user while making payment for any product that they wish to order.

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