App Maintenance

Mobile App Maintenance Services

Aafilogic InfoTech proves to be your reliable and professional partner for mobile application development and its maintenance. Our services reduce the investment cost for technical support and help you achieve a smooth run of the apps without bugs, and upgrades to the end users.

Our insightful knowledge, zeal for an update with the prevailing technology, its application for our client’s projects, immediate response for any kind of queries, cost effective service plan has made us the real differentiators and survey successfully in the field.



Our Expertise in Maintenance and support


  • Bug fixation and solving code errors: We involve a clean coding and methodical app development process, which would be free from bugs. Further, we retest the apps prior to its launch and ensure they are free from bugs.


  • Extension or modification of features: After launch, we extend or modify the features of an app depending on the users request.


  • Performance enhancement: We enhance the functionality of the app by proper bug fixation and easy user interface.


  • Adequate support at the operational level: We provide consistent support throughout the application run period.


  • Application porting: We convert applications from one operating system to the other so as to reach a wide range of customers.


  • Support New Devices: We support your apps on any of the newly released devices in the market.


  • App store management and reporting: We care for your product on the App stores with regular and routine statistics, analysis, management, and reporting of the app’s performance.
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