Who we are and what do we offer?

aAafilogic Infotech is the India based company specializes in Website and Mobile App Development. We have workforce of more than 20 dedicated and devoted software experts to build any complex software as per client’s specifications.

How do I associate with Aafilogic Infotech?

aThe process starts when get in touch with us with your necessities. We analyse your requests and respond to you. On the premise of the further discussion you can select an engagement model that suits you the greatest. After that we start the whole methodology of development.

Is there a standard cost to build an app?

aMore than just a development, Aafilogic Infotech strives to be a complete Web and mobile app services provider as per individual’s need and objectives. We provide tailored products and highly customized plans that best fit to almost any kind of the budget. Contact us to talk with our representatives and get a free quote fitting your exact needs.

Do your websites are SEO Friendly?

aOf course, YES. All our sites are seo friendly. We additionally offer SEO Services which serves you to get top rankings in major search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing etc. Our SEO specialists will help you in choosing the right keywords for your sites.

What is maintainance of website?

aMaintainance is a paid Monthly/annually contracts between Aafilogic infotech and you to give your site an on-going care. This is great choice if you want to keep your site updated with new content. Fresh and new content is the thing that drives your online traffic.

Can I take a look to my website between building process?

aYES, we would surely give you the URL of our demo server where you can view the progress of development of your site and you can also survey your site as well as give your recommendations to us.

How do I connect with the project development team?

aAafilogic Infotech Technologies contains its own project management system through which you would be able to monitor the day by day tasks and the growth of your project performed by development team.

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